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Automation of railway operations with long-reach requirements is now possible with Rbot9's affordable cable robot technology.
cable robot applications in the
RAILWAY industry

In an industry where competitiveness is defined by service-levels, the automation of key processes can generate significant benefits such as increased operational efficiency, improved safety and better traceability. However, the railway industry lags behind in terms of automation because current robotics solutions do not adequately address the challenges unique to this sector. Indeed, railway operations often require long-reach capabilities and the ability to operate in extreme weather conditions.

Rbot9’s cable robot technology overcomes these challenges. Certified IP65, the Rocap is designed to operate in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, and can resist rain, snow, and dust. Moreover, its unique design allows for large workspace automation at a significantly lower cost compared to current market solutions. This makes it feasible to automate operations that were previously financially challenging, such as train inspection, interbox connector manipulation, and train decoupling.


The Rocap can be utilized in the railway industry to manipulate interbox connectors in intermodal yards. The Rocap is equipped with a unique end-effector that is designed to lock, unlock, and grab interbox connectors on intermodal trains. Two Rocap systems are mounted on a mobile structure that moves alongside the train, allowing for efficient and precise handling of interbox connectors during intermodal operations.