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Experience complete artistic freedom with the use of our cable robot.
cable robot applications in the

The use of cable robots in the film industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. Installing a camera on cables offers filmmakers new possibilities for capturing footage and filming in heights that traditional equipment cannot reach. This provides a unique artistic freedom, allowing producers to push creative boundaries and explore new angles and perspectives. Cable-mounted cameras can also execute pre-planned trajectories precisely and repeatedly, making it easier to capture complex shots that require exact timing and positioning.

The Rocap is an ideal equipment for this purpose due to its 12 cables that provide excellent stability, minimizing unwanted vibrations and sometimes even eliminating the need for a gyrostabilized camera mounting. Additionally, all active components of the Rocap are centralized, allowing for easy transportation between studios, and its precise positioning capabilities enable synchronization with virtual screens, streamlining post-production efforts.


Cable robots are increasingly utilized in the film industry for video capture and lighting purposes. The Rocap, known for its improved stability and aerial movement capabilities, can be equipped with a gyrostabilized camera, offering film studios enhanced flexibility and creative possibilities in their film productions.