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Revolutionize your aircraft maintenance and manufacturing operations with the unmatched precision and efficiency of cable robots.
cable robot applications in the
AEROSPACE industry

The maintenance and manufacturing of aircrafts present significant challenges when it comes to safety and efficiency in the workplace. Although the aerospace industry has made significant strides in automation over the past years, there is still significant potential for growth in automating tasks that require long-range and high payload capabilities.

Thanks to its unmatched reach, Rbot9’s cable robot technology will help organizations attain their full automation potential! When paired with the appropriate tool, the Rocap enables the automation of tasks that were previously deemed impossible or too expensive to automate.

The Rocap is capable of performing hazardous tasks, operating nonstop, and completing tasks faster and with greater precision than humans, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


Thanks to its extended reach, the Rocap is capable of covering an entire aircraft fuselage with the precision required to perform a range of tasks, such as inspections and handling of parts during maintenance or manufacturing interventions.


The Rocap can assist technicians working in hazardous environments, making their tasks easier and safer while sometimes eliminating the need for lifts.


The productivity of the Rocap is maximized in autonomous mode, which enables the automation of complex tasks through pre-programmed sequences. A manual mode is also available and allows the control of the robot using a wireless controller.


A cable robot for aircraft inspection is a specialized robotic system that utilizes cables for movement and positioning. It is equipped with sensors, cameras, and tools to navigate and inspect different parts of an aircraft, providing efficient and accurate inspections for maintenance and repair purposes. It can be operated remotely or autonomously, making it a valuable tool in the aviation industry.


The Rocap can be utilized in aircraft manufacturing to perform riveting tasks on a wingbox, which is a critical component of an aircraft wing. The Rocap, equipped with specialized riveting tools and sensors, is positioned and controlled using cables to precisely place and fasten rivets on the wingbox structure. The solution can rivet both sides of the wingbox.

This video presents an MRO use case in which the Rocap is equipped with a Kinova Gen3 robotic arm to inspect a Learjet aircraft.