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5555 Rue de l'ENA Bureau F143, Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 8Y9


Large workspace automation
using agile overhead motion,
at a lower cost.

We designed a new way to automate large-scale manufacturing processes with no need to invest in massive and costly structures. Our new generation of industrial cable robot uses steel reinforced cables anchored to the ceiling to move freely in 3D space while carrying tools weighing up to 100 kg.


With its high-precision three-dimensional positioner and an extended range of motion of up to 35 meters, our patented cable robot performs best when workplace safety is a challenge.

  • Workspace coverage of up to
    35m x 35m x 15m
  • Ability to lift loads of up
    to 100kg
  • Multi-Function & Multi-Mounting options to fit your needs
  • Increased safety & reduced risks in hazardous operations
  • Offload staff from low value and repetitive tasks
  • Assist employees in their tasks for more productivity

Our overhead configuration
leverages aerial space to minimize impact on current operations.

Receive it in the morning, use it in the afternoon.
Can be installed to existing structures in less than a day.​

Store it in the air.
When you are done for the day, simply move the Rocap up to the ceiling and turn off the lights.

Don’t limit yourself to a single application.
Our generic mounting interface allow quick substitution of a wide variety of tools .

Safety first.
Programmed to engage brakes in the advent of any security hazard.

​Multiple control modes.
Perform fully automated tasks or control the Rocap in manual mode with a joystick.

discover use cases

The Rocap has a wide range of applications and can be utilized across multiple industries.