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Reinventing Robotic Reach

At Rbot9, we believe that industrial robotization efforts are hampered by the range issues of current robots. We want to offer different industries robotic platform solutions suspended by cables allowing the integration of automated applications with an unprecedented reach.

Thanks to RoCaP (Robotic Cable Platform), many companies will be more efficient in their manufacturing, handling, and inspection processes.

The RoCaP

Our RoCap is one of a kind,
thanks to the concentration of its active components in its center and to the configuration of its cables.


The RoCap is specialized to accurately transport an inexpensive robotic arm in a 3D environment.

It multiplies the capabilities and functions of a robotic arm in a factory by giving it range of motion.

A robotic platform suspended by cables is optimal in these circumstances:

Multi-Station  Rbot9 RoCap

Can be used on several workstations, its cost will quickly pay for itself.

RoCap Multi-stations

Range of Movement

Adds greater reach to a robotic arm, regardless of the operating tool.

RoCap envergure

New Possibilities

Enables robotic operations that would otherwise be impossible or risky.

Rbot9 Possibilitées

The RoCap is a platform that retains its coplanarity and orientation at all points in space.

  1. Equipped with anchors using existing structures;
  2. Able to support the weight of a specialized tool and its load (up to 100 kg);
  3. Operating in remote or automatic mode;
  4. Including a collision protection system (humans and objects).

Who are we?

Rbot9 was founded in 2017 with the aim of concretely developing the RoCap.

On the other hand, we have had an interest in this technology since 2006, following discussions on the robotic scope with manufacturers in the process of automating their production.

Several iterations later, we’re releasing a fully integrated cable robot, ready to serve in all kinds of industries.

01.We are inventors
02.We generate innovation
03.We make your visions reality

Industry applications


Anchored at height, our RoCap replaces or complements the use of cranes or overhead cranes. It increases the efficiency of operations by taking charge of risky and perilous tasks, thus increasing the safety of workers in railway or road transport environments.


Can strenuous, repetitive and risky tasks be handled mechanically? Our robot can do these tasks and come to meet your assistance needs with regard to the spreading of products, the cleaning of certain areas, or even the harvesting in a greenhouse.


While many entrepreneurs associate process automation and robotization with complicated and expensive, at Rbot9 we offer a robot with high potential for profitability. It can easily move things around in varied environments and easily pays for itself.


Our RoCap helps increase productivity by supporting repetitive tasks. It reduces the hardship and risk associated with certain tasks by linking production chains, all with a view to the development of an industry 4.0.

Inspection & assistance
Inspection & assistance

Although some environments carry risks, human intervention is difficult to circumvent. Equipped with a height anchor, the RoCap can carry out tasks in spaces of 35 m X 35 m X 15 m in height and thus, it can assist the teams, for their greater safety.


The upkeep and maintenance of aeronautical devices pose major challenges. Particularly with regard to personnel safety, as well as the efficiency of operations and the productivity of the sector.

Get in touch with Rbot9 to find out how our technology could optimize your processes.

professional team

Our team of engineers continues to grow. If you are interested in robotics, we are on the lookout for new talents to complete this dynamic team.

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